If you’re contemplating starting a business or if you’re a brick-and-motor store owner in this day and age, one of your top priorities is to set up an online extension of your physical store. Most brick-and-motor stores have now established their online presence to take advantage of the online revolution. The proliferation of mobile searchers has compounded the need to have an online extension of physical stores. However, the biggest decision you’re going to make for your online store is the kind of content Management Solution to use. Examples of Content Management Solutions include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. However, when these three are put side by side, most prospective and accustomed online store owners would easily pick WordPress. Let’s look at why:

1. WordPress has a huge array of plug-ins for marketing and selling products online

WordPress is a complete website builder. You can use the platform to build your own online store without needing any web design skills. But, many savvy e-commerce store owners want to incorporate other features like plug-ins that are not available on the core platform to expand its functionality. Plugins help you to communicate with customers, manage inventory, and provide security to your site. Choosing WordPress means you’ll have access to a wide range of plug-ins adapted to e-commerce platforms such as WooComerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP e-Commerce and much more.

2. WordPress has a huge range of themes adapted to e-commerce websites for selling products online

Besides plug-ins, a theme is another essential part of any e-commerce website. Choosing a theme is a critical decision you’ll have to make for your e-commerce store, as it will determine how it appeals to customers. It will also determine how easily they will navigate your online store and find products they need. It’s important to pick out a theme adapted to e-Commerce, for example, it should have multiple customization options, a user-friendly interface, and responsive design. Also, choose a theme that comes along with e-commerce plug-ins. When talking about themes adapted to e-commerce websites, WordPress has a bountiful supply. That’s why you should choose WordPress when looking to build your business online to sell products.

3. It’s easy to locate security options for WordPress when setting up your business online

After you’ve picked out the best plug-ins and theme to implement on your e-commerce website, you’ll be ready to start setting up your site. One key aspect that will pop to your mind first is security of your e-commerce store. Security is a vital aspect when setting up a website, especially an e-commerce website where customers are submitting their credit card information. One security incident on the customer is enough to bring your e-commerce down. WordPress has served e-commerce owners since 2003, which means it has fortified its security over the years. WordPress updates are frequently initiated; there are many backup plug-ins to leverage in case a glitch causes you to lose your data, including security trackers that monitor activities on your e-commerce platform. You can’t get better than WordPress when it comes to the security of your Ecommerce store.

4. WordPress trumps other Content Management Systems when it comes to customer support

Apart from giving you all options you want when building an e-commerce store, WordPress has a superior customer support feature. While setting up a blog can be easy with WordPress, building up an e-commerce store can be challenging. You might run into errors, and if that happens, WordPress has a team of experts to help you, not to mention the WordPress community that is always evolving and learning new things. With WordPress, you get help at a moment’s notice.
While other Content Management Systems have their advantages, WordPress is the best, by far. The fact that 59% of all websites in the world run on WordPress vindicates the fact that it’s the best Content Management System in the world.


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